Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tree of Photos

This was a little tree I had in my attic that I decided to decorate!  It has one photo of each of my children every year until age 21 as a framed ornament.

I placed in the tree in a silver planter.  Then I weighed the tree down with a few bricks inside the planter.  I filled the space with some metallic fabric, but you can use any items around the house such as big ornaments, fake fruit, or a natural grapevine wreath.

The topper is an initial that I bought at Hobby Lobby that I spray painted.  I made the bow with leftover ribbon from my other Christmas decorations.  I added white lights and used a timer to turn them on with the rest of my decorations.

The frames are from Hobby Lobby (they cost $2.99-$4.99) and came ready to hang with the silver ribbon on them already.  I chose 3 different styles of frames to keep consistent.  On the back of each frame I wrote the year and age of that child that year. 

I hope you enjoy this fun tree full of memories :)

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