Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Special Reindeer Food

Making reindeer food is an easy and fun craft to turn into a tradition for you and your little one!  You can make these bags of food for your kid's friends and keep one for your house!  Put out this special mix on Christmas Eve so Santa's reindeer will be sure to find your house and so they will have a treat to eat while Santa is putting presents under your tree :)

This craft is super easy to make.  You can use almost any ingredients you have in your pantry!  I used Cheerios, sprinkles, dry oatmeal and marshmallows to ensure that everything was edible just in case any of the young children I made this with decided to eat the ingredients.

In years past, I have used glitter, Fruit Loops (any type of cereal works great), and candy!
Make sure you have little baggies to put the mix in.  I happened to have clear gift bags but small Ziploc bags work great as well.

If you're giving a bag away, be sure to add a tag explaining what this special mix is!  I printed one from Thomcat Studios (see below).

Printable tags from the thomkat studios

Be sure to put this bag in a special place so you don't forget to sprinkle it in your yard on Christmas Eve!  Santa's reindeer will surely get into this treat!

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