Monday, December 17, 2012

Oh, Christmas Tree

I decided to post some of my Christmas tree decorating tips.

This is the tree in the center of our music room.  I used five different types of ribbon on this tree to create dimension.  I have a satin brown ribbon with silver and a mesh copper/bronze ribbon running from top to bottom around the tree.  This elongates the tree.

Extra ribbons can be tied or twisted into bows and added into the tree for extra fullness.

Then I created these "pinwheels," which are made out of three different types of ribbons.  One brown, one burlap, and one copper, each 9-10 inches long.  They are twisted and bound together in the middle with metal craft floral wire.  Cut the ends at an angle and spread these around the tree.  Use them as fillers to hide holes in the tree where you may be lacking ornaments.

This is a non-traditional tree topper.  It is made of ribbon, feather picks, and other whimsical picks. You can use anything festive to create this fullness at the top of the tree, just look around and see what you have!

This tree is just for fun!  It has ornaments that my kids have made and collected over the years.  

This topper was made with a large amount of ribbon, feathers, and whimsical picks.
To make the ribbon appear as a large bow, simply gather large pieces of the ribbon and create loops which you twist onto the branches of the top of the tree.

This tree's unique topper has sticks from crape myrtles I have in my yard.  I spray painted them silver to match the theme of the tree and inserted them into the top along with the ribbon.

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