Thursday, December 20, 2012

Frosty the Snowman Stops By...

Surprise your kids with a fun visit from Frosty himself this winter!  Here's how!

This exciting visitor is so easy to make come to life for your kids in your bathtub!
You will need:
-2 large buttons for eyes
-1 carrot for nose
-a scarf
-a top hat (ours was a NYE hat from Party City for $2.99)
-quilting batting
-2 sticks from the yard for arms
-loose pillow batting
-styrofoam half moon (hollow on inside)
-a bathtub
-hot glue & gun

First, glue some of the loose pillow batting on the convex side of the half moon.  This will be Frosty's head/face.  Be careful, the batting is thin and the glue is hot!
Glue the top hat on Frosty's head.  The cut out part will be against the wall of the tub, so make sure the hat is more in front of the head.
Now, glue the buttons on as Frosty's eyes.
Last for the face, stick a toothpick into a baby carrot.  Insert the carrot into the styrofoam and Frosty's face is all done!

Now for the body.  First, I recommend putting some towels in the the tub as fillers.  Then rip up about half the bag of the loose pillow batting to fill the tub.  Next use the quilting batting to lay over the pillow batting.  Then use the rest of the pillow batting to fill the tub.  

Lay Frosty's head in, wrap the scarf around his neck, add the twigs in the sides and you're all set to show your kids who came to visit!

Frosty can be enjoyed all winter long-- he will never melt ;)

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