Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mesh Deco Wreaths

Hello, friends!  I wanted to share with you a fun craft my sister Melody has been working on.  She has made these beautiful wreaths below for Valentine's Day and St. Patty's Day!  They are easy and fun to make and add a little festivity to any room or door!

This wreath is called "curly mesh deco."

-16 inch green metal wire wreath (can be found at Hobby Lobby)
-4 rolls of deco mesh, colors of choice (21 inch wide, 10 yards per roll)
-1 pack chenille pipe cleaners (25 per pack, will use 23 of them for 1 wreath)
-ribbon for big bow in center

Cut mesh into strips your choice of 9-12 inches (pictured 12 inches). *ALL MUST BE SAME LENGTH*  Then roll these strips up tightly one at a time.  After rolling, layer 3, 4, or 5 on top of each other and use a pipe cleaner to tie them together.  Make sure this knot is tight.  Then use the other ends of the same pipe cleaner to attach to the wreath.  Continue around the wreath until it is full, then secure your bow in the middle with a pipe cleaner.  This is somewhat time consuming, so you might want to put in a movie ;)

This is a flat tulle Valentine's wreath.  

-5 rolls of tulle (25 yards/roll for $4.99 at Hobby Lobby) colors of your choice
-round white styrofoam ring 8 or 10 inches wide
-ribbon to use for hanging

To start, cut the tulle into 12 inch long strips.  Take 2 of the same color and tie around the wreath, making sure that the knot is double knotted and very tight.  Continue with the rest of the strips, 2 at a time, until the wreath is full.  Finally, tie a ribbon around to hang.

This is a St. Patrick's Day flat tulle wreath, made the same as the Valentine's one above.

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