Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sassy Ornament Craft for Kids

Here's a fun way to pass time with your kids and create a holiday memory.

Buy a box of ornaments from a local craft store.  Shadow proof or glass will work.  The ones I used below are shadow proof.

1. Santa's Sleigh:

Using acrylic paint and your children's thumb, create Santa's sleigh with three red thumbprints, and Santa's face with one pink thumbprint.  Add a beard with white paint, and add white and red paint for hat with paintbrush.  Once dry, use Sharpie markers to embellish. 

For the reindeer, use two brown painted thumbprints for the body.  Add jingle bells with yellow paint and of course, red paint for Rudolph's red nose! Once dry, embellish with black Sharpie.

For best results, hang ornament to dry.

2. Snowman Hand:

Paint child's entire hand with white acrylic paint.  Let the child grab the ornament with their hand (carefully).  Once dry, paint hat, scarf and button embellishments with a tiny paintbrush.

For best results, hang to dry.

Don't forget to add child's name/initials and date/year!

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