Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sassy DIY Easter Tree

Holiday trees aren't just for Christmas anymore!  This DIY tree is too cute (and easy) to pass up for Easter!  You've simply GOT to try it ;)

Materials needed: false Easter eggs from a local craft store, floral foam, ribbon, hot glue, sticks from the yard and a decorative bin to put the tree in, along with some moss to add to the bottom of the tree.

To add ribbon to the eggs in order to hang them from the tree, simply place a dollop of hot glue on the end of the egg.  I added some ribbons tied in bows and some tied in knots for variation, as shown.

For the ribbons tied in bows, simply tie them around a small cup and in a bow for equal sized hanging ribbons!


Here's what all the completed egg ornaments look like!

Next, prepare the bin the tree is going to stand in.  This is where the floral foam and moss come into play.  

 You need to insert the sticks into the foam so they stand up straight to hold the ornaments.

Your completed tree will look something like this!  I hope you enjoy!

Happy Easter, sassy ladies!

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