Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sassy Children's Artwork

Want to do some fun, cute artwork with your little one on a chilly winter day?  Here are some easy DIY artwork ideas!

This sweet cupid was made with a footprint!  Simply paint the child's foot red and have them step on the paper.  Embellish with a bow and arrow (I used silver Sharpie), goggly eyes and a smile!

This sweet heart was painted on a little 3 x 3 canvas using two overlapping thumbprints.  The background was creatively finger painted by the child artist as well!  I embellished by drawing an arrow using a fine point black Sharpie!  Don't forget to write the child's initials and date.

These snowmen were made using a footprint! I painted one foot white and had the child step on the colored paper three times.  I used different color paint to embellish the snowmen with hats, scarves, arms, buttons and faces!

You can also just do one snowman instead of three using the same technique!

Here is a little baby snowman made using fingerprints on a 3 x 3 canvas.  I used white paint on the thumbs to make the body, after I let him finger paint the background his favorite color (green) of course!  I then used different colors of paint to embellish the body of the snowman!

Don't forget to put names and dates on these fun crafts!  I hope you enjoy them!

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